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Junior Software Developer KEMKOMINFO

we're hiring Junior Software Developer @Kemkominfo.
Pusat Data dan Sarana Informatika is an organizational unit within Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT/KEMKOMINFO). Our primary responsibility is to provide an integrated end to end IT functions for MCIT as a means of achieving an efficient, effective, and exemplary public service as part of our bureaucratic reform goals. .
We invite you to join us for a mission to help KEMKOMINFO in creating the best e-government service in Indonesia.
Job Description:
. * Analyze requirements for implementing new web application features * Implementing and maintaining existing web applications * Implementing and maintaining API services * Creating and maintaining technical documentation .
Required Skills & Tools:
. * Familiarity with PHP 7 * Great passion for clean and SOLID code * Laravel 5+ * Database: * PostgreSQL * Redis (is a plus) * Git * HTML/CSS/JS. Some React knowledge is also a plus
Education: * Bachelor degree of IT related fields * Fresh graduate are welcome to apply .
Please submit your CV and application with subject line "[JUNIORDEV] your-full-name" to pdsi@kominfo.go.id before October 31, 2019.

Sumber : @kemenkominfo

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